$18,000 Donation by Artist Barry Ace and Heffel Fine Art Auction House

Last fall, Bruce House received an invitation to join a panel speaking to high school students visiting the General Idea exhibit curated by Dr. Adam Welch at the National Gallery of Canada.  This panel, organized by community supporter extraordinaire Bill Staubi, spoke on the history of HIV/AIDS from personal and community perspectives.

It was also an opportunity to meet Odawa (M’Chigeeng First Nation) artist Barry Ace, whose work Erased was currently on display at the Gallery.  That work was up for sale, and Barry generously offered to donate his proceeds to Bruce House!   We barely had time to voice our profuse thanks before receiving an email from the auction house:

“I have the pleasure of informing you that Heffel is pleased to join Barry Ace in donating to Bruce House our entire proceeds from the sale of the work title Erased. I share Barry’s joy in being part of this special donation supporting your incredible work and such an important cause.”

Tania Poggione, Directrice du Bureau de Montréal/Director of the Montreal Office, Heffel Fine Art Auction House

The work sold for $18,000, with the entirety of proceeds donated to Bruce House!

We cannot overstate how much this unexpected support helps us.  Had this been a grant it could have required hours and hours of staff time to prepare an application in the hope of receive any funding.  Further, grants are usually very specific to a program, service, or expenses; a gift like this comes with the freedom to apply it to the areas seeing the greatest need as we draft the next budget.

“I am so happy that this donation from Heffel and myself will help to further support the important work that you all do at Bruce House. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute financially and thankful to Heffel for their support as well. “

Barry Ace, Artist (Ottawa)

The art community has a long history of supporting HIV/AIDS, including the awareness brought by General Idea’s work in the 1980s and 1990s.  We owe them a great deal for the social awareness, financial support, and engagement they have brought.  Thank you!

We are tremendously grateful to Barry Ace, Tania Poggione and Heffel for this gift; and to our dear friend Bill Staubi for connecting us.

Group photo showing Bruce House staff with artist Barry Ace and Tania Poggione (Heffel) presenting a cheque.
(from left) Tania Poggione from Heffel and Barry Ace present $18,000 donation to Bruce House. Thanks to Bill Staubi for the connecting us!


Photo of Barry Ace artwork. Erased.
Erased (2017) Found cowboy boots, capacitors, resistors, light-emitting diodes, glass beads, tin cones, red heart trade beads, synthetic hair, and coated wire. 36.8 x 14 x 132.1 cm. Collection of Global Affairs Canada.