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Bruce House firmly believes that Community Based Research (CBR) on HIV/AIDS is an important part of our work. Bruce House has positioned itself to be actively involved with important research that will guide us in determining the best possible response to HIV/AIDS housing needs, prevention education, outreach and support services.


Bruce House embarked on CBR when a network of community leaders in the Ontario HIV/AIDS sector identified housing as one of the greatest unmet needs of people with HIV. Bruce House, Fife House, AIDS Niagara and AIDS Thunder Bay identified the need for a research study when it was discovered there were no pre-existing Canadian research studies connecting housing, HIV, and health. As a result a partnership developed between the four organizations, network organizations and university researchers. Nearly every geographic region in Ontario was represented in the partnership. Participants included: AIDS Thunder Bay, AIDS Niagara, Bruce House, Fife House, the Ontario AIDS Network, the Ontario Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Strategy, McMaster University, York University, the University of Toronto and the Ontario HIV Treatment Network.
Collaborative efforts of the partnership resulted in the successful funding of Positive Spaces Healthy Places (PSHP), a five-year longitudinal province-wide community-based research initiative. The first of its kind in Canada, the PSHP was implemented by a team of peer researchers to examine housing and health in the context of HIV and to assess the current and projected housing needs of people with HIV in Ontario.
Several publications, fact sheets, oral and poster presentations have been produced since the initiative’s inception.”

PSHP Publications

PSHP Fact Sheets

PSHP Presentations

Bruce House is very proud of our co-investigative role in the Positive Spaces Healthy Places (PSHP) research project.  Since the project’s inception, PSHP had made over 100 oral and poster presentations .   The findings have been presented at various national and international conferences including the International AIDS Conferences of the past several years.   If you are interested to receive a copy of any of our presentations, please review the complete list and email the study coordinator using the links below:

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