Bruce House and COVID-19 – April 2020 Update

This is hard.   We are all striving to find ways forward, to care for ourselves and our communities, and to keep moving towards a better future. But it is ok—it is healthy—to acknowledge the uncertainty and anxiety we all feel right now. 

Bruce House has never been complacent, and we aren’t about to start now.  We are doing everything possible to maintain essential services such as access to our Pantry Program (in partnership with The Ottawa Food Bank), wellness checks, and practical supports.   

We won’t pretend that this is easy.  To protect everyone, we have suspended volunteer services, consolidated services from our office to two days per week, limited access to our office space, and are following physical distancing and other guidelines.   

This is messy, this is difficult for everyone, and we miss the days when we could offer a hug, have lunch together, and be physically present for each other.  We miss the successful programs which we worked so hard to establish.  But these things will all eventually return! 

We—as a community—will continue to step up to support our friends and neighbors today and in the future. We know there will be an economic impact to the business closures, and we know this will make it more difficult for Bruce House and other non-profits to obtain grants and raise funds over the next few years.   

We are not helpless.  Each of us can help make today and tomorrow better. There has never been a better time to support Bruce House and other organizations in our community.  All gifts are appreciated, and monthly donations are particularly valuable as they provide a steady revenue supporting long-term program and service delivery.  Please click here to donate today. 

We are genuinely grateful for the support we are receiving.  Help finding gloves and hand sanitizer, warm messages of support, donations, and more—these offer much needed encouragement to staff and clients.  

Together we will honor the spirit of Bruce House, which has been a story of putting one foot in front of the other, regardless of obstacles or the inevitable stumbles, for over 30 years—caring for and supporting people impacted by HIV. 

Be safe, be well, care for your community and take care of yourself.  The Bruce House family will work through this hard time with you. 

Bruce House Services

  • At this time we are open by appointment for pick-up of food and gift cards on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am-5pm.
  • Staff are still working full time, but working from home as much as possible Please contact us by email.
  • Visitors to our office are strictly limited to protect everyone.  Whenever possible our services are being delivered by telephone.
  • All group events are cancelled until further notice

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