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More than a house

I was living in Montreal. The winters were very harsh. I decided to move to the Nation’s Capital. I saw on the internet that Bruce House offered housing. I didn’t know that Bruce House had a waiting list. I moved to Ottawa and stored most of my belongings at the Bruce House office and I moved into a shelter.

I had never in my life been in the shelter system.  I have always worked and had my own home.

I was offered a space at the Bruce House transition house. The house was a great experience for me. The idea of taking people that are sick and in despair and offering support and respect was good. In September 2006 I was offered a one bedroom apartment with Bruce House. Bruce House helped me secure the items I needed for my new home. I had a quiet place that I liked. Having shelter is the most important thing to me. I feel safe and secure because of the services they offer. If I’m sick someone will look after me. If I need a ride to see a doctor I know someone will drive me.

Bruce House offers more support than just a place to live.



Companionship and Understanding

My name is Brigitte Charbonneau. I am a 68 year old mother of two children and a grandmother to eighteen grand kids. I moved into a Bruce House apartment in ’98 and I have never been happier. Living in this community has helped me greatly in many ways. We have a great support system. I belong to the Buddy Program where we help each other with shopping or just companionship while some family members can have some time off. Bruce House has an amazing home away from home, a house with great dedicated staff and volunteers. We also have a Community Kitchen program. Once a month several of us meet, cook and share the meals with each other. This way each of us have 4-6 extra meals till the end of the month.

I am extremely privileged to live here and grateful to Bruce House for making this possible for so many of us.

Brigitte Charbonneau