Volunteer voices collage


A healthy home makes for healthy people

When I first heard of Bruce House I didn’t know much about it. I decided to take a look at for myself and something just clicked. It just seemed right to me.

Everyone has the right to live and die with dignity. Something as simple but also as ever present and essentially profound as that belief really resonated with me. Couple that with the basic principles of a healthy home makes for healthy people – I was and still am sold!

–Hana, Transition House Program volunteer


Reflections from a Board member

I have been a member of the Bruce House Board for a little over a year now—it has opened
my eyes. I am blessed to have never been affected by a family history of health concerns or social issues, so I have no allegiance to any one group. I am very lucky to choose where I spend my volunteer time without feeling obligated. And I choose Bruce House, they have shown me what housing means to a community. The care, support and compassion the staff and volunteers have for one another and the clientele is simply humbling. I was invited to join the board of Bruce House by a friend. I stay because I choose to. I stay to continue to learn, I stay on the board so that I continue to growas a person from our shared experiences.

— Jacquie Bushell


Community in the kitchen

We have come from so many places and countries around the world, that is almost impossible to tell anybody all the images, sounds, emotions, etc., that we keep in our souls. Food is something really special because we can show our kindness, compassion and support through tastes, scents and colors. When we cook, we are sharing and expressing probably thousands of years of civilization and history of human beings.

Gustavo, Community Kitchen Volunteer


Gaining a buddy and a friend

Being a part of the buddy program has allowed me to appreciate how special the connections we make with each other are. During these past few months, I have come to truly understand the importance for friendship in my life. A friend can be someone I share the love for yoga with, or someone that loves Bob Marley’s music as much as me, but the most important thing to me is that we have fun with each other. And I can truly say my buddy and I are laughing and having fun ALL the time. I am so grateful to be a part of the buddy program as it has allowed me to not only gain a buddy but a friend as well.

Kalei, Buddy Program Volunteer