Holiday Appeal 2020

We need your help to continue providing—and growing—our services.

Your gift will help us continue supporting our clients during the pandemic and beyond.  Here are some of the services we are providing, please read our annual letter for more info.

  • We more than doubled support provided by our Pantry Program, including fresh meat and vegetables.
  • We are providing masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer to our clients.
  • We launched a vitamin program.
  • We assembled and delivered personal care packages with several months’ supply of soaps, shampoo, lotion, and more.
  • We assembled and delivered health-and-wellness packages with everything needed while recovering from illness from comfort foods to tissues and warm socks.
  • A donation from Ikea allowed us to provide bedding and cookware to sixty households.
  • We now offer delivery off food and household items for clients, with volunteer support.
  • We have increased distribution of gift cards (grocery, pharmacy, dept. stores).
  • We are providing transportation for clients through taxi vouchers and bus tickets.

You can donate online, which is fast and easy for you, and less costly for Bruce House-ensuring that we can make the most of your gift. Your tax receipt will be emailed within minutes (please check your spam/junk folder). Please consider a monthly donation, which is easy on your budget and provides our clients with predictable support. Just click here.

You can also send us gift cards (Loblaws, Walmart, Tim Hortons, Subway, etc.) – send them to the address below, and please include your full name and mailing address so that we can send you a thank-you card!

Thank you!

Bruce House
Holiday Appeal
402-251 Bank St.
Ottawa, ON  K2P 1X3