HIV, Housing, and Health News – Apr. 11 2019


Did you know that a pill a day can prevent HIV transmisison? PrEP – Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis – uses the same drugs which are used to treat HIV, to prevent it. CATIE has all the info here.


London, ON is changing how they help people in need of housing by sharing data and looking at the needs of individuals. (CBC)

HIV & Health

The effects of long-term HIV infection on health continue to be studied, revealing links to sudden cardiac death (AIDSMAP), liver cancer risks (AIDSMAP), and even how HIV-positive individuals react to nicotine (POZ).

Curing” HIV

You likely have heard that three men have now been cured of HIV infection, however the story is complex and this cure is itself life-threatening and not a viable option for most. (AIDSMAP POZ CBC)