Ikea – Together With Kindness

The cushy feel of a new bath towel.  The softness of new bed sheets.  The comfort of a new pillow.  These creature comforts can make your day when you finally replace the old towels full of holes, the rough old sheets, and the flat-as-a-pancake pillow.  

Bruce House clients can now feel these joys and replace their old worn-out sheets and towels thanks to a generous grant from Ikea!  Ikea Canada and the local Ottawa store have generously donated 60 sets of towels, 40 sets of bed linens, along with assorted pillow, duvets, dishes, glasses, and pots and pans. The timing could not be better as our clients struggle with rising retail costs and reduced availability of affordable options during the pandemic.  

Staff are hard at work coordinating deliveries.   

Huge thanks to everyone at Ikea for making this possible, and to the great people at the Ottawa store who organized delivery to our offices.  


Ikea Donation
Donated Items
Ikea donation
Donated Items