In Loving Memory – Jay Veerappah

He loved to dance, he loved to tell tall tales, and he had a big heart.

For more than 15 years Jay worked at the Transition House—hosting tea parties for clients, making people laugh with his wit, and warmly greeting new volunteers.  Always happy to see a friend—or to meet a new friend—Jay would drop everything for a nice chat.

He will be remembered for always being kind and caring, his big heart and big smile, and for always wanting to be part of the party.

Jay passed away at the Mission Hospice on January 25 after a long battle with cancer and declining health.  In his last days he was surrounded by friends and colleagues from both Bruce House and the Mission, where he has also worked.

We will share information on services when plans have been finalised.  Meanwhile please share your memories of Jay with the Bruce House family below

6 thoughts on “In Loving Memory – Jay Veerappah

  1. Jay was a sweet and loving man. He was a professional who devoted his life to the service of others who were in need. I am proud and grateful to have known him.

  2. He was an amazing person. Always a smile when you met him. He loved his hugs and jokes but was always polite with everyone he touched in his life. He will be missed.

  3. Well I remeber working with Jay back in 1995 at Branson health services he,was a very kind hearted soul who would due any thing to put a smile on your face also we crossed path at the mission working together from 2007 to 2009 he will be greatly missed RIP my friend .

  4. Oh,Jay, you loved life and that glowed from you! Whenever we met (often at continuing education because you also loved learning) you shared warmth and interest, tears or laughter, and supportive words. Thank you for your caring presence.

  5. Selected comments from Facebook:

    KD: I remember him from when I worked at CP. Such a sweet man. I am so sorry.

    CG: man such a great loss to the community he will be missed and remembered for the great contributions he did for all of us

    DC: My heart hurts hearing this news.

    JO: I still have the lovely wool blanket he picked out for me! Rest In Peace Jay ❤️

    YG: Sorry to hear this. I was thinking about him a few weeks ago. Jay and I had interesting conversations each time we seen each other. We talked for hours. An AMAZING man.

    AG: He trained me & we worked together up until my injury. We’d run into each other after that & have a good chat & a laugh! He will be missed…

    ZM: So sorry for the loss to Bruce House & all those whose hearts he touched. :’-(

    SK: Very sad to read this news Thank you for always being warm and welcoming. You always had a smile that lit up the room. Till next time, stay peaceful Jay ❤️

    LB: I didn’t work a long time at Bruce house and I remember Jay. .. my sincere sympathy to you all …. I am certain he will be watching over you ….

    SM: He was a very cool guy. I’m sad to hear that.

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