In Memory: Barbara McInnes, Pablo, J.

photo of Barb McInnisBarbara McInnes, who co-founded the Ottawa Community Foundation​ with her father and lead the organization for many years, passed away recently.

We cannot overstate the impact her work had on our community. Her philanthropy will leave a lasting legacy, with some 600 non-profits receiving OCF grants each year. She was also a patron of the arts, volunteer, and board member for many organization.

Bruce House has been fortunate to receive funding via OCF, helping us to deliver our programs and services. Her loved ones are in our thoughts.

Pablo Canales passed away supported by his mother and Bruce House staff.

He faced many challenges with health but always kept his sense of humour.
He had a wonderful, unique laugh and was never shy to toss his head back and laugh.
He was always so grateful to everyone for every little bit of help.
He loved his family and spoke lovingly of the support of his mother and father.
He faced each challenge with courage and strength.

I will miss him!

Sam Taylor, REST Program Coordinator

We are sad to share that our dear community member J passed away on July 19th

We send their families and loved ones our love and support they will be missed.

NOTE: due to HIV stigma, many people living with HIV do not disclose their status to everyone.  Bruce House respects this in recognizing their passing.