In Remembrance: David Fuller

For those who knew him, David Fuller was a handsome and charming man who touched many lives. He has a great eye for fashion, aesthetics, and art. David particularly loved denim fashion which led him to create the Düfler Denim brand and company selling clothing and accessories. He also provided personal training through another one of his ventures, Fuller Fitness. Over the last few years, David found a new outlet for his creativity through creating vibrant pieces of art. He was never one to be tied down, always on the go, ready to the embrace the next adventure in life.

There was also another side to David. He was left for adoption at birth and finally adopted at about 2 years old. He was the little black boy that nobody wanted. During his childhood, he was repeatedly sexually assaulted by an older cousin. It is no surprise that David, having been subjected to repeated trauma, suffered from PTSD leading him to addiction. David struggled with his demons trying to conquer them repeatedly over the years. Although David would have had every reason to be sad and bitter, he continued to participate in various community activities, to bring joy to those around him and to be the very loving person we all knew. Sadly, his addictions ultimately got the best of him and cut short his life.

May he now rest in peace.

Bruce House thanks George Hartsgrove for sharing this with us.   David was a strong presence in our community, often thinking of new ways in which he could raise funds for Bruce House.  He will be missed.