Inside Bruce House/Holiday Appeal Dec. 2022

Despite everything that 2022 tossed our way we raised funds, we advocated, and we supported vulnerable people living with HIV. Staff, volunteers, and supporters—working together with the power of community.

Our fundraisers this year were an outstanding success! A Taste for Life raised over $34,000 with 19 participating restaurants and eager diners eating in or getting take-out. Capital Pride events were back in full force this year, with Drag & Balls, the National Capital Pride Run, and other events raising $24,500. These events allowed us to reconnect, celebrate, and cherish our accomplishments. It was great to see you there, you are amazing people!

Bruce House also relentlessly pursued every grant and funding opportunity. From emergency pandemic funding to corporate grants and private foundations—no stone was left unturned.

All this meant more help and support for our clients: birthday cards with a gift card for every client; over 800 boxes of masks, bottles of hand sanitizer, and other PPE supplies; 900 taxi chits and bus vouchers; over 2200 toiletry items and 6200 non-perishable food items from our Pantry; and over $25,000 in food gift cards.

That’s not all! $20,000 annually in special purchases to help clients overcome specific “show-stopper” needs: cell phones, moving expenses, medication and medical bills, vet bills, ID replacement costs, dental care, and other necessities that people receiving ODSP may desperately need but cannot afford.

Of course, it’s never all good news. Sustainable funding remains elusive, and the emergency pandemic funding which made so much of the above possible is coming to an end. This will mean more fundraising, more work applying for grants, and it also means working for systemic change.

Bruce House has been vocal in our recent election cycle, calling on voters and candidates to discuss food costs, housing, ODSP rates, and public transit. We have endorsed and shared the Glasgow Manifesto, demanding action and care for older adults living with HIV. We joined the Alliance to End Homelessness’ Vote Housing Campaign. We shared the messages from, calling for increased federal funding for HIV. Bruce House is a member of the Ottawa Food Bank’s Food Insecurity Working Group, seeking to reduce food insecurity in Ottawa, addressing the systemic issues perpetuating cycled of poverty and hunger.

As we turn the calendar to 2023 we can reflect on the many positive changes we, working together, have made in people’s lives. It is a privilege to be part of this community, to further the work Bruce House was founded to do nearly 35 years ago, and to continue receiving your support.
Thank you for being part of the Bruce House family and being there for vulnerable people living with HIV.


We are ready for 2023, together.