Inside Bruce House – June 2020

We have all faced unprecedented challenges this year.  It has been an emotional, logistical, and often emotional roller coaster for everyone.   Bruce House is no stranger to difficult times. (In fact, could we please book an easy time? Soon would be good.)  We rallied, you rallied to support us, and we are getting the job done.  

The pandemic meant closing our client room/computer room and cancelling group programming as well as volunteer supports. We have also reduced office hours to Tuesdays and Thursdays and instituted strict protocols to keep everyone safe. 

Mental health support, in partnership with Somerset West CHC and CentreTown Pharmacy, continues with telephone appointments. We ran our annual Income Tax Clinic by email and limited appointments.  Wgreatly increased home support visits, telephone and email wellness checks and support, and greatly increased our Pantry Program and financial supports.   

Brief Stats:

March: 612 food items, 166 toiletries, and over $1600 in gift cards given out

April:  832 food items; 169 toiletries, and over $1200 in gift cards given out

When our clients worried about how to keep safe and healthy—and every store was sold out of everything—we provided gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer. Yes, we even had TP! 

As they keep saying on the news, “the situation is dynamic”.  That means we cannot make firm plans for next month, the month after, or even the fall.  That does not mean a “just sit and wait” attitude, however—we are actively discussing what the stages of re-opening may look like for Bruce House, and how we may best support our clients through every step.

With your continued support we will do this! 

Bags of food from the Pantry Program ready for delivery or pick-up


Hand Sanitizer donated by
Hand Sanitizer donated by


Boxes of food from the Ottawa Food Bank
Loading our delivery from the Ottawa Food Bank