Inside Bruce House – May 2022

NOTE: This item was written before the storm that made our entire city look like a teenager’s bedroom. Seriously, who stuck a “Kick Me” sign on us?  We could have done without the storm, thanks! 

We hope everyone is ok. Please see the city’s resources page if you or someone you know needs assistance. Our thanks to first responders, Hydro Ottawa crews, and the many individuals and community groups who rallied to support people in need. 

TD presents $20,000 cheque to Bruce Hosue
TD presents $20,000 sponsorship cheque to Bruce House in support of A Taste for Life

Sometimes it seems that everything happens at once.

We are slowly and cautiously easing out of COVID-mode and looking to the future with the development of a new strategic plan. We are finalizing totals for A Taste for Life, and will soon move on to our summer events: The National Capital Pride Run and Drag & Balls, both back for in-person events this year.  We are also speaking loudly and bluntly on election issues that impact our clients:  housing, food, ODSP, and funding for our sector.

In every way this seems to be an “in-between” time.  Not out of the pandemic, not yet into COVID being endemic.  Still benefiting from some emergency funding, but having to transition back to “funding as usual” soon.  Holding our collective breaths to see how bad inflation will get, and keeping a worried eye on the ever-increasing use of food banks and other supports for basic needs.  Will we, collectively, embrace the challenge to meet the needs of all individuals in society, or will we play hot-potato with these issues a while longer?

Bruce House has never been complacent, and we certainly won’t be now.  We have signed the Alliance to End Homeless Ottawa’s position statement, are working on long-term food insecurity advocacy with The Ottawa Food Bank and its member agencies, and we are making blunt statements during the current election campaign.

You can join the fun! 

  • Be loud about your priorities when candidates knock on your door—if they get to take up your time, fair enough!
  • Help Bruce House by reviewing our draft strategic plan, sharing our social media posts, and joining us for Pride events.
  • Vote! And hold elected officials to their promises to protect vulnerable people in our society.