Meet Juniper Farm

Since fall of 2020, Juniper Farm has been our supplier of monthly boxes of fresh veggies, accommodating our special requests and delivering through all sorts of weather, protests, and pandemic challenges.

Juniper Farm is a 200-acre, diversified, organic and biodynamic farm near Wakefield, Quebec, owned and operated by Juniper Turgeon and Alex Mackay-Smith since 2006. You can buy their products at the farm store, or online for pick-up or local deliveries – including prepared meals, fresh produce, and more.

A recent CBC article noted that:

“Food prices rose 7.4 per cent in February from the same month a year earlier, the biggest jump in more than a decade. Beef increased a staggering 16.8 per cent, chicken was up 10.4 per cent and dairy products and eggs rose nearly seven per cent.”  With these rising prices, low availability of discount brands, and ODSP rates which have not kept up with the cost of living it has never been more difficult for our clients to ensure they have enough nutritious food each month.

We are grateful for the emergency funding which has allowed us to provide our clients with fresh, healthy food from Juniper Farm!

Alex McKay-Smith delivering boxes of fresh vegetables to Bruce House.
Alex’s parents, Gwen and Sandy MacKay-Smith