Mind Over Mood Workshop

An oyster creates a pearl out of a grain of sand.  The grain of sand is an irritant to the oyster.  In response to the discomfort, the oyster creates a smooth, protective coating that encases the same and provides relief.  The result is a beautiful pearl. For an oyster, an irritant becomes the seed for something new.

~ Prologue, Mind Over Mood


A very special workshop has been taking place at Bruce House.  Based on the best-selling book, Mind Over Mood (Drs. Christine Padesky & Dennis Greenberger www.MindOverMood.com) this group has met weekly, working together to learn techniques, strategies and methods to manage emotions, change negative thoughts to positive thoughts and challenge one’s current behaviour.

The workshop is facilitated by REST Program Coordinator Kimberley Sanders (M.A., Counseling Psychology) who has been trained by one of the book’s authors, with the assistance of a student volunteer.

Each participant has received their own complimentary copy of the Mind Over Mood workbook, supplies, snacks, hand-outs, detailed slideshow created by the REST Program Coordinator and everyone will receive a framed certificate of completion at the last class. All at no cost to clients.

Best of all, so many “pearls of wisdom” have been shared among participants!