National Capital Pride Run 2020

Did you notice that working from home is making all your pants shrink?
Has the bathroom scale become your nemesis?

Grab your running shoes and get moving!  The National Capital Pride Run is back in virtual form.  (No, not virtual as in you watch a video of running from your couch.)

During the week of August 21-30, you will need to run a 5km route, or walk a 2.5km route.  When you do, record your time on your smartphone or watch.  You’ll be asked to post your time online, through the It’s Your Race platform, so that you can share it with everyone!    If you are running a 5km, you have another option.  In honour of our 5th anniversary, during the month of August, you can run 5, 5km runs.  Record the time for each of the 5 runs, and post your best time!

You can register and get all the details at: 
And don’t miss the Online Auction, August 8!