REST Program Grant from TELUS Friendly Future Foundation!

We are excited to announce that Bruce House has been awarded a $20,000 grant to support Client Health & Wellness, part of our REST Program!  We are tremendously grateful to the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation for this generous gift.

This grant will help us continue to offer outreach and support to people living with HIV in Ottawa who are facing challenges in maintaining their health and staying in treatment—challenges including food insecurity, homelessness, illness, poverty, addiction and mental health issues.

The REST program provides services and supports to people living with HIV, improving their health and life skills and increasing their participation in the community. This program provides support with their daily needs, short and long term goals, and in the event of episodic crisis.  We offer wellness checks, transportation for groceries, finding housing, bus vouchers and food gift cards, resources in the community and accompaniment to medical and social service appointments, as well as assisting with one-time purchases related to health and wellness.  This program is highly individualized.

Thanks to the support of our community and grants such as this from the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation, vulnerable individuals living with HIV in Ottawa will receive the support they need to live healthy, empowered lives and participate fully in their communities.