Sex And the “New Normal”

It is not our place, at Bruce House, to pass judgement on anyone.  It is our place to listen, to help, and to be compassionate.  Decades of work in HIV and in substance use have taught us that harm-reduction principles are more realistic, more compassionate, and more effective than a simplistic “don’t do that!” approach.

In that spirit we are sharing resources to inform and offer safety tips should you consider sex with someone outside your household, or be looking for ways to have fun while maintaining social distancing.

For more info, please see CATIE’s excellent page of COVID-19 resources.

For Sex Workers

Bruce House recognizes that sex workers are particularly vulnerable as they face not only risks from COVID-19 but also may fear accessing services and supports. Sex work is work.

Sex Work & COVID-19 (PDF)

COVID-19: Guidance for Sex Workers – BC Ministry of Health (PDF)

POWER (Ottawa)  A bilingual, sex positive organization created by and for sex workers that works to further the rights of sex workers as workers and human beings.

Maggie’s  An organization run for and by sex workers. Our mission is to assist sex workers in our efforts to live and work with safety and dignity.


Sex-workers and COVID-19 in the news:

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