Sharing the Gratitude – Words from our clients

Thank-you Cards
Thank-you cards from our clients

As a Bruce House supporter, you understand the very real requirements in our community for support in meeting the daily needs of life: housing, food, clothing, household essentials, practical help, and more. You also know that, when times are difficult for everyone, the most vulnerable face the greatest challenges.

Today we want to share with you the heartfelt gratitude our clients feel at knowing their community cares for them; at knowing that people out their care enough to look beyond their own struggle and support others.

You help make this possible.


“A sincere thank-you to Bruce House and their staff for all the amazing work they do, and for their help with my grandson, J.,  as he begins his journey on a new path to better himself and his current situation.  Your help and support have made a world of difference in his life already, and our family is so thankful he has reached out to you. Bruce House staff all deserve a pat on the back. ”

– A.

“Thank you so much for saving the stuff for us. And thank you all for working during this time. We are truly grateful.” 

“I REALLY appreciate the food but the delivery is a HUGE help!!” 

“By providing these food deliveries, you guys are a lifeline at this time and it means everything to me.” 

– Ross

“Thank you for reaching out, it really makes a difference. Take care dear, until our next correspondence.”

“Thank you all at the office very much. I wish you all the best. I wish you all the goodness that you’re giving to others. It helps in this very difficult time.”

– a client, on receiving food and wellness-check phone calls

“I received a thank you phone call from a client that was so appreciative of the help she received from staff during this difficult time.”

– Linda