The “E” Word – Elections

Yup, this is a double election year – Ontario provincial election in June, and municipal elections in October.  For some, elections are more exciting than the Olympics, for others they are about as much fun as doing your taxes.

For many people in our community, the results of the elections can mean hope.  Hope for a place to live, hope for enough food to eat, and hope for dignity of being able to afford basic needs.

ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) rates have not increased in years, despite inflation.  We all know how unaffordable housing is, yet few subsidized units are being built and the years-long waiting lists keep getting longer.  Food bank use had doubled, and for many is no longer an emergency service but a monthly need.

Bruce House is working with The Ottawa Food Bank and its members to raise awareness about food insecurity and advocate for change. We are also working with the Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa for an effort similar to the “Vote Housing” campaign from the recent deferral election.  Things must change.

Please get involved.  Our collective voices can speak for the needs of the most vulnerable in our society.  If you get a knock on your door, ask the candidate’s position on food insecurity, affordably housing, and ODSP.  If you go to a debate, demand exact answers as to how they plan to end poverty and hunger.  Hold to the media to account when they report on party platforms but fail to ask about these crucial issues.

In other words, make a nuisance of yourself!  If enough of us ask the same questions, candidates and parties will have to answer.

We can then vote accordingly.