The People Living with HIV Stigma Index National Research Project

Are you living with HIV?

Are you over 18?

Do you live in Ottawa or the surrounding areas?

The HIV Stigma Index is a research and community-building tool that was developed and tested beginning in 2005 by a team of people in four countries.  It has been used in more than 90 countries worldwide to better understand the stigma faced by people living with HIV.  The HIV Stigma Index aims to document the experiences of stigma, discrimination and human rights violations of people living with HIV in Canada and develop strategies for addressing these violations.

Participation would involve completing an online survey with a Peer Research Associate.  The survey takes approximately an hour to complete and participants are given a $50 honorarium in cash at the end of the interview.  The possibility of phone interviews when necessary can be addressed.

To set up an interview, please contact: 

             Or   (613) 291-5248  and leave a message.