Vote Housing

1.6 million Canadians have experienced homelessness.  Millions more live in unaffordable or inappropriate housing. Waiting lists for social housing just keep growing.  This must stop.

Bruce House is proud to have endorsed the Vote Housing campaign. The goal is simple: in the upcoming federal election, we will ensure that every party, every candidate, every debate, and every news article addresses housing and homelessness.  We will make this a primary election issue and demand real answers instead of vague promises.

We’ve had enough of promises—people need housing. Now.

Please visit the campaign website.   Discuss housing and homelessness with your networks.  When a federal election is called—many expect one this fall—demand that your local candidates clearly state their plan to help people have homes. If media coverage neglects to mention housing and homelessness—hold the media to account; don’t underestimate the power of comments and emails to the editor.

Of course, this is just one step—we all know how hollow election promises can be—but this is an important step.  It will build awareness, it will shape the dialogue, and it will send a clear message to anyone elected that voters expect housing and homelessness to be addressed with real action.