What We Do

Bruce House clients often face a multitude of challenges in addition to living with HIV.  This new feature in our news will highlight some of the complex situations which our clients face, to better illustrate the nature of our work. Names and personal details will be omitted to preserve anonymity.


Can you imagine being the victim of violent assault?  What if that assault resulted in the loss of use of your legs?  This happened to one of our clients last year.

Bruce House visited him weekly during his hospital stay, providing emotional support and assistance with the trauma he felt, the permanent life changes he was facing, and with his preparations for testifying against his assailant in court.

During this time we helped him find a private room at a long-term care home, as he could no longer live independently.  We assisted with packing the contents of his apartment, bringing his personal effects and keepsakes to his new home, and provided a few items of furniture from a recent donation.

Throughout the court process we were with him in the courtroom to provide emotional support for him and his family, aware that he was re-living the trauma of the assault.

We continue weekly visits to help him in adapting to his new life.

He has shared that he is extremely grateful to have Brue House in his life in this difficult time.

This is what we do.