World AIDS Day 2023

The theme for World AIDS Day this year is “Let Communities Lead”.

That couldn’t be more appropriate on the 35th anniversary of Bruce House!  We are a community organization, founded by our community, for our community, and supported by our community for 35 years.

We often speak of vulnerable communities and their needs without also reflecting on their strengths, vitality, and compassion. Community leaders see a need and find ways to meet it. They create lasting organizations from tiny seeds, lead small groups to great achievements, and refuse to accept defeat.

Let’s take a moment during World AIDS Day and HIV/AIDS Awareness Week this year to reflect on how we include—or sometimes exclude—community leadership in our work and lives. Let’s remember that powerful statement, “Nothing for us without us”, and ensure it informs every way in which we work with, support, and love the people impacted by HIV in our communities.

Our gratitude to the AIDS Committee of Ottawa for planning the annual events on Parliament Hill and at the National Arts Centre.

Parliament Hill
Bruce House staff at the NAC
A panel of the AIDS quilt at the NAC
A moment of shared loss.